Can a Clogged Air Filter Affect Your Vehicle’s Performance?

The majority of living creatures on the earth rely on oxygen to survive. For the average person, this translates to over 22,000 breaths a day. Although the machinery of the human body is far more complex than an internal combustion engine, modern vehicles also require a steady supply of air to operate properly. Having a dirty or clogged air filter can adversely affect how your car functions, eventually leading to serious mechanical issues. Read on to learn more about how a clogged air filter can cause performance issues with your vehicle.

Mechanic at Valley Automall in Las Vegas, Nevada changes a clogged air filter in vehicle to increase performance

Diminished Fuel Economy

A typical car engine requires three things to work properly: spark, fuel, and air. These three ingredients must be introduced to the engine in certain amounts at specific intervals to generate power. When the vehicle’s air filter is covered in dirt and debris, the engine struggles to receive the right amount of air through the intake and may begin to inject more fuel into the engine block to compensate. Given time, this lack of air can cause fuel economy to decrease.

Accelerated Wear on Engine Components

A dirty air filter also affects engine performance by potentially allowing contaminants like dust particles to enter the engine. If the air filter ends up collapsing from deterioration, there will be little to stop dirt and debris from building up on the engine’s internal components. This accumulation of residue can quickly spell serious problems for your engine and even cause certain parts to start wearing out prematurely.

Lack of Adequate Torque and Difficulty Accelerating

Operating a vehicle with a clogged air filter can also make it difficult for the engine to produce the right amount of torque to accelerate in a timely manner. You may notice the engine starting to hesitate when speeding up or struggle to convert power to the wheels as it did in the past. The single best way to ensure issues like these don’t occur is to consistently change the air filter at least once a year. For those who live in dusty or more polluted environments, it may be necessary to change the air filter sooner.

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