How to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly in the Summer Desert Heat

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When summer comes to Las Vegas, most people would prefer to stay indoors with the A/C on to be provided with some cooling relief. The desert heat can really take its toll on a body! But did you know that as June, July and August bring triple digit temperatures to the area, your car can take a beating, too? Proper summer vehicle maintenance ensures your vehicle runs smoothly and helps you avoid getting stuck in the hot Las Vegas sun with an overheated car.

Las Vegas Summer Vehicle Maintenance
Las Vegas drivers may not have to deal with snow chains and window scrapers, but driving in the hot desert brings its own unique challenges. From tire pressure, to coolant levels and batteries, here’s how to keep your vehicle in top gear.

Overheated Batteries
Changing the battery every 50,000 to 60,000 miles is standard recommended vehicle maintenance for most cars. For car owners who live in areas with extreme temperatures, the battery terminals may corrode at a faster rate due to internal breakdown brought on by high heat. Before summer arrives, have your vehicle’s battery cables checked to ensure they’re securely attached to the terminals. If you see corrosion, use a wire brush to clean it off. If the battery is getting old or it’s approaching the recommended replacement time, you might want to install a new one.

Steering, Braking, and Handling
Any type of friction generates a lot of heat. Usually, the blowing air is enough to cool the wheel hub assemblies. In high temperatures, your car’s brakes can lose their ability to dissipate the heat, a condition known as brake fade. Tires and brake pads also wear faster, so it’s important to ask your mechanic if they should be replaced.

As pavement temperatures soar, your car’s tires feel the heat. This amplifies the stress on bald spots, tread cracks and sidewall bubbles, particularly during highway driving. The higher temperatures also cause rubber to dry out more quickly, which increases air pressure and causes the tire’s center to wear out faster than its outer edges. Regularly check the tires for pressure and signs of excessive wear and tear.

Interior Care
A small investment in car sunshades not only protects your vehicle’s interior, it also keeps the inside temperature at a more comfortable level. Models are available for front, rear and side windows, as well as sunroofs.

Check the A/C System
Summers in Las Vegas can be pretty unbearable without A/C and that includes in your car, too. Proper vehicle maintenance includes checking the belts, inspecting the compressor and checking the radiator and hoses for leaks or cracks. The reservoir level should be at least half full at all times. If it’s not, stop and top it off as soon as possible.

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