Little-known Driving Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

Keep your hands at 10 and 2, look both ways before making a turn, use a turn signal during a 3-point turn — there are many driving tips that we all have memorized, but there are also plenty of little-known driving tips that you probably haven’t heard before. Here are some of the top lesser-known ones that are just as important as those that are widely acknowledged:

8 Little-known Driving Tips to Help You Stay Safe on the Road

These Little-known Driving Tips Will Improve Your Driving

Keep Your Headlights on All the Time 
This is one of the easiest little-known driving tips to follow simply because your car will do the work for you. Instead of turning your headlights off and on throughout the day, use your vehicle’s setting to keep them on all the time — it won’t drain your battery and the lights will automatically turn off when the car’s engine is cut. You can refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this.

Be Aware of Large Truck Headlights 
Did you know that semi-truck drivers have their own headlight code? They’ll often flash their lights twice to communicate with other vehicles when it’s safe to pass in front of them. Some will also flash their taillights multiple times to warn of upcoming traffic stops or road dangers.

Don’t Try to Steer During a Blowout
When you lose control of your car, it can be a scary occurrence. However, the best way to handle this sudden problem is to take your foot off of the gas and keep coasting straight. Swerving or hitting the brakes can cause you to lose total control and increase your risk of flipping, fishtailing or spinning.

Don’t Drive the Minimum Speed Limit in the Fast Lane 
Although you are technically driving within the posted speed limit, slower drivers should always ride in the right lanes to allow faster drivers to pass on the left. Driving slowly in the fast lane is actually a ticketable offense in some states.

Adjust Side Mirrors Properly 
To prevent blind spots, you should not be able to see your own car in your side mirrors. Even if your car has sensor or camera technology, you should always have your mirrors positioned to give you the maximum side and rear visibility. 

By following these little-known driving tips, you’ll improve your driving and be better equipped to handle precarious situations on the road. For more safe driving and car maintenance tips, check out these blog posts: