Should You Take Your Vehicle to a Dealership or Independent Mechanic?

When your vehicle needs service, one of the first and most essential decisions you will have to make is where you will take it for repair. Unless you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer (which comes with its own challenges), you’ll have to choose between a dealership or an independent mechanic.

Independent Mechanics Use Less-expensive Parts

The main advantage that independent mechanics and auto repair shops offer usually comes in the form of lower repair costs, which stem from the parts that they use. Instead of using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts like a dealership does, independent mechanics commonly use aftermarket, refurbished and even used parts. The exact type of part they use depends on the particular repair being made, but all of these come with a downside.

Aftermarket, refurbished and used parts frequently aren’t made to the same standards as OEM parts. They don’t have to meet the automaker’s specifications or go through the automaker’s check points, making these parts cost less. Aftermarket, refurbished or used parts also may not last as long, nor are required to be made of the same quality as OEM parts are made of.

Auto Dealerships Offer Quality, Speed & Expertise

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Compared to independent mechanics or auto repair shops, dealerships offer several advantages.

The first advantage lies in the original equipment manufacturer parts that auto dealerships use. Auto dealerships almost exclusively make repairs with OEM parts, which means these are the highest-quality parts made for your vehicle. The replacement parts are just like the new ones and will last a long time. Their increased durability can lead to fewer repairs in the future and a longer life span for your car, which may offset the parts’ higher costs.

Second, dealerships are able to provide a faster service because they have all of the equipment needed to repair your vehicle, as well as a complete inventory of parts in stock. Whereas an independent mechanic will often need to order and wait for a part, a technician at a dealership can just walk into the parts room and grab the part.

Third, the technicians at auto dealerships have the most up-to-date expertise. Not only do they regularly work on cars just like yours, but they also go through constant training and certification programs to ensure they maintain best industry practices. Independent mechanics don’t have to go through this training and certification.

Make an Appointment at Valley Automall’s Service Center

The next time your vehicle needs service or repair, schedule an appointment with the Service Department at Valley Automall. The Service Department is open six days a week, has extended hours during the workweek for your convenience, and you can bring any vehicle in for service. Technicians are well-trained on a wide variety of makes and models and are stocked with all sorts of parts your vehicle may need. Whether you purchased your vehicle at Valley Automall or somewhere else, our mechanics will take excellent care of your vehicle.