What to Know About Replacing Windshield Wiper Blades

Get Your Windshield Wiper Blades Replaced at Valley Automall

To extend the life of your vehicle you need to perform routine maintenance. While car repairs should be done by a certified mechanic, there are a few tasks you can perform on your own. By performing these different services you’ll improve the functionality of your vehicle, avoid unnecessary repairs, and boost the performance. You’ll also improve safety, which is exactly what changing out your windshield wiper blades does. It’s something you’ll likely need to do a few times a year, and by doing so you’ll maintain visibility, regardless of the weather.

Pick Up the Correct Windshield Wiper Blades

Your first step is to make sure you purchase the correct wiper blades. To do this, all you need to know is the make, model and year of your vehicle. The rest will be taken care of. If you go into a local store that sells automotive items there will be a booklet where you’ll look up your make and model. Once you have located it, make sure you check the model year as well. Some vehicles will have different windshield sizes and blade placements, so you’ll want to make sure you have the year correct. 

There will likely be a handful of options you can choose from. The less expensive blades are usually fine when dealing with just light rain, but if you experience heavy rain or plan on driving where there will be snow, you’ll want something that is thicker and sturdier. Whatever you choose, make sure to replace both the blades at the same time. 

Remove Old Blades and Install New Ones

If you are replacing the blades yourself, it’s important to know that each vehicle is a little different. There may be a release level on the blades that allows you to remove the current blades. Other blades will need you to push one way and then pull the other. Once you have the blades removed, you’ll want to follow the installation instructions on the back of the new windshield wiper package to properly secure the blades into position.

Although this is something you can try to do on your own, it is always recommended to let the experts handle any needed service. The trained and experienced mechanics and technicians at Valley Automall understand what your vehicle needs and are well versed in installing windshield wiper blades. Contact us today at 702-570-2257 to schedule service.