Why Should You Take Care of Your Car?

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In a recent survey, it was established that Americans spent an average of $2,000 on car repair in the last five years. Cars are a valuable asset, and owning one comes with benefits such as independence and flexibility.  

However, owning a car also comes with responsibilities. Due to the wear and tear of regular driving and accidents, some car parts will get damaged. This may make your car unsafe to drive or even cause further damage.

For your car to remain in its optimum driving state and have as much value as possible when you want to sell it, maintaining your car is vital. Read on to learn about routine car maintenance tips that will help you keep your car in its prime condition.

Fill-Up Tips
Every time you are at the gas station to fill-up, step out of the vehicle, and do some easy maintenance. Start by cleaning your windshield, as any dirt or splattered elements can obscure your view as you drive. While you’re at it, clean your headlights too.

Move to your tires and check whether the tire pressure is ideal. Keeping tires at the right pressure can increase their lifespan and save you money in the long run. Even, if not always, check the engine oil level and top off if needed be.

Change the Engine Oil After Every 5,000 to 7,500 Miles
Engine oil plays a significant role in your car’s performance. It lubricates the moving components in your engine to prevent damage. It also traps dangerous elements during combustion that can damage your engine. 

Without enough fresh and high-quality engine oil, your engine could knock, resulting in an additional expense of thousands of dollars.

Rotate Your Tire Every 7,500 Miles
As you drive, tires are subjected to immense pressure, which causes wear and tear. Worn out tires are driving hazards as they do not have enough grip to keep the car on the road. As such, tires should be replaced before they endanger you.

Fortunately, front and rear tires do not wear out at the same rate. If you want to save on car repair costs, rotate your tires after every 7,500 miles. This will ensure that the effects of wear and tear are distributed equally, thus increasing the lifespan of your tires.

Check the Car Battery Every Month
Though there are car manufacturers that claim their batteries do not require maintenance, it’s always best to be safe. Check on the battery monthly. Use a damp cloth and some detergent to wipe the terminals.

Also, check for signs of damage to the battery case. If you notice any bulges or cracks, the battery needs to be replaced.

Keep the Interior on Point
The fabric of your car seat and other features of your car interior, as well as the car’s paint job, can be damaged by UV rays. Therefore, you should always park in a shaded area or invest in a car shade to minimize such damage.

Bottom Line
Car maintenance is all about routine and habit. By following these tips, you will reduce your car repair costs significantly and ensure it has a high resale value.  

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