Seasonal Car Engine Maintenance Tips

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Following a regular maintenance routine is essential to keeping your vehicle in top working condition. Aside from scheduling tune-ups, rotating the tires, or having the brakes serviced, it’s equally important to remember seasonal car engine upkeep as well. After all, the fluctuating temperatures and changing weather conditions throughout the seasons can put quite a strain on your vehicle if you’re not prepared. Read on to explore a few key car engine maintenance tips to remember during different parts of the year.

Check Fluid Levels when it gets Hot

Although it’s always a good idea to periodically check your vehicle’s fluids, it’s especially critical during the hottest summer months when an engine is most likely to overheat. Be sure to change out the oil and top off the coolant when outdoor temperatures start to rise to reduce your chances of experiencing a breakdown or mechanical failure.

Inspect the Battery and Terminals in the Fall

A variety of car engine problems can stem from the vehicle’s battery. In some cases, the battery may require replacement while other times there’s simply a loose connection that needs to be addressed. It’s best to carefully inspect the battery in the fall because as temperatures start to drop, the efficiency of your vehicle’s battery will start to decline. Use a volt reader to verify that the battery produces between 12 and 13 volts with the engine off. If the battery is working properly, make sure all connections to the terminal are clean and secure. Remove any visible sulfate crystals from the battery terminals or connecting cables as this debris can cause faulty connections that can drain battery life.

Refill Antifreeze in the Winter

When temperatures drop below freezing, an engine that doesn’t contain antifreeze or coolant can encounter serious problems rather quickly. During the winter, it’s best to use a 50/50 antifreeze mix to ensure water won’t freeze inside engine components overnight. Fresh car engine coolant or antifreeze should have a bright color, so if the fluid appears dark or brackish, the coolant should be replaced as soon as possible. Remember, driving a vehicle without antifreeze can cause serious mechanical problems in the long run, eventually resulting in engine overheating or reduced service life for various parts.

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