4 Things that Should Be Included in Your Pre-spring Car Tune-up

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With warm spring temperatures in sight, most people start cleaning and decluttering to prepare their homes in anticipation of balmy days ahead. However, you should also make sure that you show the same attention to your vehicle to ensure it’s ready for warmer temperatures. Here are a few things to do to get your vehicle ready for spring weather:

1. Change the Oil in Your Car
Even though Las Vegas doesn’t get a lot of winter precipitation, the cooler winter temperatures can still take a toll on your engine. Make sure your car is ready for spring by changing the oil. An oil change is often part of a standard car tune-up. The tune-up usually includes a visual inspection of many of your car’s components, determines if any of your filters need to be changed and tops off your fluids.

2. Thoroughly Clean Your Vehicle’s Interior and Exterior 
If you’ve skipped giving your vehicle a thorough cleaning due to chilly winter temperatures, spring is the perfect time to dedicate an afternoon to detailing and washing your car. Once you remove all the trash and unneeded items from your car, take a few moments to vacuum the interior and wipe down the surfaces with a protectant. This will protect your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays on sunny spring days.

Once the interior looks as good as new, turn your attention to the exterior. Give your car a wash to remove the dirt and grime and any other winter buildup. Consider applying an all-weather protectant to shield your paint job from rain and pollen. 

3. Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades
Spring is notorious for bringing rainy days. Check that your car is ready for additional precipitation by replacing the wiper blades during your car tune-up. You don’t want to find yourself caught in a rainstorm with old wipers that are not effective.

4. Check Your Tire Pressure
When the outside temperature drops, this can impact the pressure of your tires. If you’ve inflated your tires based on winter weather, you need to see that their inflation levels are suitable for warmer weather. Have your tire inflation levels measured during your car tune-up. 

Follow the owner’s manual in your car to learn what levels your tires should be inflated to. Most vehicles should have a tire pressure between 32 and 35 PSI in the winter months and between 30 and 32 PSI during the warmer portions of the year. 

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