How to Stay Safe on the Road in These Unusual Situations

Always Be Aware of These Situations when Driving

When driving, you may find yourself in some unusual situations that call for atypical driving skills. Here are some driving tips that will help you stay safe in some unusual road and traffic conditions:

You Can’t Stop Your Vehicle
Even though it sounds like a situation out of an action movie, you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t stop your vehicle. One possible cause is that your accelerator is stuck; it’s possible for something to get wedged under the pedal, like a water bottle or even the heel of your shoe. Try to lift the accelerator from underneath with your foot to get it unstuck.

If the issue isn’t a stuck accelerator, it’s likely something is wrong with your braking system. Pump the brakes a few times to see if they start working. Should they continue to fail, stop the vehicle using your emergency/parking brake. Depending on your rate of speed, you may need to run your car into a barrier (like a guardrail) to get it to stop. 

There’s an Animal Sharing the Road with You 
It’s tricky enough sharing the road with other drivers; the last thing you want to do is try to navigate around a dog, deer, rabbit, or other animal. Firmly apply the brakes to try to stop your vehicle in time. Don’t swerve; this puts other drivers and yourself in danger. You might hit a tree or roll your car.

When possible, take steps to locate nearby wildlife before they jump in front of your car. Use your high beams and scan the road for glowing animal eyes. If you spot anything, reduce your speed until you’re away from the animal. 

Another Driver Is Operating Their Vehicle Erratically 
If you observe another driver driving unsafely by speeding, running traffic lights or swerving, keep as far away from the vehicle as you can. Don’t try to pull them over or stop them, as this puts you at risk of a collision or confrontation. If you can, take note of the license plate number, make and model, and color of the vehicle, then call 911 and give them this information. 

You Spot a Driver Going the Wrong Way in Your Lane
It’s terrifying to see another vehicle heading towards you in your lane. Flash your lights and honk to alert the driver of your presence and position your vehicle so that you don’t hit the car head-on. Try to move into another lane or the shoulder of the road. 

The Traffic Light Isn’t Working 
When a traffic light isn’t working, the intersection becomes a four-way stop. The vehicle that arrived at the intersection first has the right of way. If other vehicles at the intersection don’t follow this rule, don’t try to prevent them from going by turning in front of them. Instead, wait patiently until you know it’s safe to go. 

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