Keys to Protecting the Data on Your Hands-free Devices

Protect Your Personal Information by Following These Tips

If you’ve purchased a new car within the last few years, you might be able to wirelessly connect your mobile phone to the car via Bluetooth, if it doesn’t already sync with your device upon entering the car. Many new vehicles also have an internet connection present within the car, which allows drivers to stream music, receive text messages and utilize a number of hands-free, Wi-Fi-based services.

While all of this is designed to improve your user experience, it also means you have to take precautions to ensure your devices don’t get hacked and your data accessed by outside parties. In order to help prevent this, here are several methods for safeguarding your personal data. 

Deleting Data When Using Another Car
If you rent a vehicle and are nearing the end of your lease, or if you are planning on selling your car, you need to wipe your personal data from the infotainment system before getting a new vehicle. First, disconnect all connected applications. There will also be a “Restore to Factory Settings” option within the menu. Choose this option. This way, the next person who sits behind the wheel of your vehicle won’t have access to your personal data. 

Hacked Key Fob
Did you know it’s possible for someone to hack your key fob? While it does depend on the kind of key fob and vehicle, a skilled hacker can gain entry into your vehicle by hacking the fob. Your personal information is only as safe as the weakest device connected to the internet. Because the fob doesn’t have any real firewall protection on it, it is often the easiest to hack. 

Some auto manufacturers are now including “passive” options that allow you to disconnect the fob from your vehicle when not in use, your next best option is to place the fob into a metal case that is lined with aluminum when not in use. This will block the information signal and prevent anyone from hacking it.

Follow Your Dealership and Car Make/Model on Social Media
It might sound strange to follow your vehicle type or the manufacturer on social media, but there are some benefits. From time to time, the manufacturer will release software updates to patch security risks. However, these will likely not download directly to your vehicle. Instead, you may need to have it downloaded either at home or at the dealership. Because automatic updates or notifications are typically not provided, you might not know when such an update is available.

The best way to stay in the loop is to follow the manufacturer, dealership, car type, and other auto tech blogs, so when an update is made available, you are instantly notified about it. You can also ask your dealership about the best way to do so. 

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Following these tips will help safeguard your personal data. If you are planning to trade your current vehicle for one that includes Wi-Fi based infotainment features, contact us at 702-570-2257 to learn about our extensive selection.